The Sound of Tomorrow

Rochester, NY's Sound of Tomorrow is the most fun you can have in orbit. Join Heather, Ross, and all of their radio friends for a journey into the future of comedy, current events, music, movies, comics, and other stuff we love.

Past Episodes

  • Episode 266: Holiday DJ HZ Aired: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

    Jingle jingle, Space Cadets! It's the Sound of Tomorrow Holiday DJ HZ music show for you!

  • Episode 265: The Presidential Diet Aired: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

    Oh yes, we're back with an all new Sound of Tomorrow and, you guessed it, we're still not shutting up about the topic of sexual assault and harassment. Act 1, what are the stats on false accusations of assault? Much much lower than Heather's friend who always says women are lying would believe. Act 2, a little extremely binary, heteronormative (sorry) infographic on what men and women consider to be assault. Weird results there, too. Sigh.

    Musci from Elf Power with "Winter is Coming."

  • Episode 264: Maria Guzenko Aired: Wednesday, November 29, 2017

    Space Cadets, we have a GREAT show for you today because joining us live in the studio is Mariza Guzenko from the fantastic WAYO program Foreign Exchange (! Because we are who we are, we have to kick it off with a little doom 'n' gloom but we lighten it up soon enough with tales of driving, hostels, and other travel fun! 

    Music from They Might Be Giants with "Mrs. Train."

  • Episode 263: Thanksgiving 2017 Aired: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving, Space Cadets! We're thankful for YOU! But we're not going to natter on about that. After a brief discussion of puddings (hurk), we move on to the matter of problematic fave Morrissey. Indeed, Bigmouth has struck again and Heather, for one, is truly disappointed. After the break, we're back and we're talking girls v.  women. No, it's not a fight! We're just talkin' words. You know how we do. 

    Music today from Eef Barzelay (who is, indeed, from Clem Snide as I was wondering while I QCed the track list pre-show) with "Thanksgiving Waves."

  • Episode 262: Boycott! Aired: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    It's a brand new Sound of Tomorrow and Ross has got his boycott on and his corneas off! And that's just the skit! Breaking trend for our recent shows, we're keeping Act I light with a little talk of Sound of Tomorrow ChocoToys, good news for same-sex marriage in Australia, and gluten (in)sensitivity! However, Act II? Yeah.... we're back to talking about sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. You didn't think we wouldn't, did you?

    Music today from Jonathan Coulton with "Don't Feed the Trolls" from his newest album "Solid State."

  • Episode 261: Tin Foil Hat Aired: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    Hey! How is it you're listening in on our thoughts!? Oh, that's right.... we're spewing them all over radio and podcast land! In this exciting episode of the SoT, we're talking voting, smartypants sheep, cancellations, and extreme reactions! It's better than that description implies.

    Say, did you know we were on Foreign Exchange (Mondays on WAYO, 6:30-7:00) the other night? We had a great time with Maria and Phil and you can relive that great time right here:

  • Episode 260: Floppy Organs Aired: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

    Space Cadets, don't let the whimsical episode name fool you; we're back from our Halloween hijinks and we're talking about #MeToo. Throw in some grammar snobbery and that's the show! BUT--there's a ukulele. So it's a win!

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  • Episode 259: Spooktacular 2017 Aired: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

    Spoooooooky Space Cadets! Welcome to the Old Jansen Farm! It seems to be merely a normal family farm autumn time corn maze..... but is it? Find out now in the Sound of Tomorrow's Spooktacular 2017! Featuring skits galore, all your Halloween SoT chestnuts, and easter eggs aplenty for anyone who's keeping count! If you can find the terrifying twist in this show, for reals, drop us a line at and tell us what it is.

  • Episode 258: DJ Halloween HZ Aired: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

    BOO! What's this? Some spooooky music for you? That's right. Get all your tricks and treats right here on today's new, pre-recorded Sound of Tomorrow!

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  • Episode 257: Not Her Fault Aired: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

    Space Cadets! In this exciting episode of the Sound of Tomorrow, Heather and Ross discover they're the perfect horroscopic marriage match (Sorry, Announcer Mike!) and love is in the air. As are, alas, sexism and racism. But not from us! We're just talking about 'em. That plus news from Planet 9. LONG LIVE PLUTO!

    Music today from Little Jack Melody and his Young Turks with "Gone in October." Try not to cry. We dare you.