Running Inside Out

Running Inside Out is just one piece of an extremely vibrant running community in Rochester, NY.

We all have our many reasons for running and let's face it, runners love to tell running stories as much as they like to hear running stories. Our goal is to share the stories and successes of the members of this community.

At times we also might talk about cool races, services, stores and products. I apologize in advance, if ever we accidentally talk about something that isn't running related.

Past Episodes

  • Show 021 - Things We Love About Running Aired: Monday, October 31, 2016

    Kendra and Chris is going to share all the things they love about running. That's it. Love. You know, because if you remember how much you love something, then nothing else matters.

  • Show 020 - Adventuring with Mort Nace Aired: Monday, October 3, 2016

    Chris is off doing whatever it is that Chris does when he isn't talking about running and Kendra is on the boards. Special Guest Mort Nace jumps in to discuss adventuring and general bad-assery.

  • Finally! You're Interesting, Chris Aired: Monday, September 19, 2016

    So Chris ran a big race. Almost immediately after the big race that he Did Not Finish. Was it for redemption? Glory? Accolades? Was it because he finally cleaned his garage and with it, relieved himself of the psychic blockage preventing him from enjoying running? And where do expectations come from? Kendra gets to the bottom of it all on this, our 19th Running Inside Out the Radio Show.

  • Show 018 - A Giant, Big Thing Aired: Monday, August 22, 2016

    You planned. You worked. You strived. You went. You did it. You succeeded or you didn't. And it's done. Now what? Is that feeling of emptiness normal? Chris and Kendra talk about what happens after the big event. Are there pieces to pick up? Are there new adventures to plan?

  • Show 012 - I Can See Your Red Blood Cells Aired: Monday, May 2, 2016

    Chris and Kendra get real deep, like down to the cellular level, to discuss training. What is it? Why does Chris struggle through it and why can Kendra be so good without it? If you've ever grappled with the rigors of a training plan, this meander through the forest of misfiring synapses may strike a nerve.

  • Show 011 - I Could Win This Thing Aired: Monday, April 18, 2016

    You're not going to win. So why did you just sign up for that race? We know exactly why... we think. Chris and Kendra talk about racing. Not actually How To Race. No. We don't really know how to do that. But we love getting caught up in the thrill of getting expectations of the day, running hard and seeing and meeting new people. And maybe doing just a little better than last time.

  • Show 010 - I Was Fine With the Training Wheels Aired: Monday, April 11, 2016

    Chris and Kendra discuss bikes! Yeah... runners... talking about bikes. It's about as informative as it sounds. We talk about the ins and out of the two-wheeled conveyance. We unravel the mysteries of balance. We skin our knees. We aren't promising that you'll learn anything, but hey we got jokes.

  • Show 009 - Gotta Find That Balance Aired: Monday, April 4, 2016

    Chris is joined by Laura Howard to discuss recovery, recuperation, relaxation... and a little running. Kendra may be out of town, but the people demand running talk! The show must go on.

  • Show 008 - TwentySixPointTwo Aired: Monday, March 21, 2016

    Chris and Kendra talk about The Marathon. 16 to 20 weeks of training, now what? Well, the buzz and energy of the marathon starting line for one. And the 26.2 miles of road ahead of you for 2! Make sure you do the Point Two. That Matters.

  • Show 007 - Totally a Scavenger Hunt Aired: Monday, March 7, 2016

    You have all your gear. You're motivated and you're ready to go. But go where? With Who? We have a wonderful bounty of resources here in Rochester. Chris and Kendra talk about finding those resources and how to take your first steps whether your new to running or an experienced runner who is new to the city.